Bracket Self Ligating Interactive Roth Slot .022

Morelli SKU: 1014001

Bracket Self Ligating Interactive Roth Slot .022

Morelli SKU: 1014001
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  • Material: Stainless Steel,  Nitinol
  • Quantity: 10pcs
  • Purpose:  Indicated for the treatment of dental malocclusions.
  • Qualities:  Clip in Nitinol, Mechanism simple and practical, Anti-locking system, Design rounded, Slot with curvature relief and rounded ends, Superior resistance, Excellent adaptation and mechanical retention
  • Certification: FDA Approved, CE Approved, ISO (9001:2008), MEDICAL ISO (13485:2003)
  • Country of Manufacture: Brazil
  • Package Includes: 10 Replacement Bracket Self Ligating Interactive Roth Slot .022

Self-ligating Brackets are indicated to assist in the treatment of malocclusions in patients who require movement of dental elements. In treatments with SLI (Interactive SelfLigating) brackets, the clip exerts pressure on the larger wires (from the .016" x .022" wire) and allows freedom on the smaller wires, while in treatments with SLP (Passive SelfLigating) brackets, the clip does not put pressure on the wire. The SLH (Self-ligated Hybrid) is composed of SLI brackets on the incisors and SLP brackets on the canines and premolars.

*Torque and angle measurements follow the values recommended by the prescription.

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