Reforpost Glass Fiber Kit
Reforpost Glass Fiber Kit

Reforpost Glass Fiber Kit

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  • Purpose:  Support of restorations and prosthetics.
  • Sizes: Nº 1 /  Nº 2 Nº 3
  • Qualities:  Parallel shape with grooves; Metal filament; Longitudinal fibers; For use with Peeso (Largo) drills; High concentration of fibers; Modulus of elasticity similar to dentin's; Conical tip; Direct use (prefabricated)
  • Benefits:  Great retention; Allows radiographic visualization; Easy removal; Easy to adapt; Great mechanical properties; Lower risk of root fracture; less tissue removal in apical third of the root canal; Saves clinical time and decreases lab costs
  • Certifications: FDA Approved, CE Approved, MDSAP, MEDICAL ISO (13485:2016)
  • Country of Manufacture: Brazil
  • Package Includes:  Packing with 30 posts (10 nº 1, 10 nº 2, and 10 nº 3), 3 Peeso (Largo) drills (1 nº 3, 1 nº 4 and 1 nº 5), 1 radiographic guide

Glass fiber parallel intraradicular post with conical tip.

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