Rotator Elastic Crystal
Rotator Elastic Crystal

Rotator Elastic Crystal

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  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Purpose: Promoting The Rotational Movement Of The Tooth
  • Color: Crystal
  • Quantity: 100 Rotators 
  • Qualities: Color And Tear Resistant, Non Toxic
  • Certifications: FDA Approved, CE Approved, ISO (9001:2008), MEDICAL ISO (13485:2003)
  • Country of Manufacture: Brazil
  • Package Include: 100 Morelli Elastic Rotators

Morelli Elastic Rotators are manufactured from the highest quality material that ensures excellent tear-resistant properties. Ligature Modules are safe with non-toxic pigmentation, color resistant, and has a various color selection. The Elastic Rotators Are Positioned On The Fins Of Brackets, With The Purpose Of Promoting The Rotational Movement Of The Tooth.

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