Impression Tray Kit
Impression Tray Kit

Impression Tray Kit

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  • Purpose:  Full impressions of the upper and lower arches. Implants impressions.
  • Benefits:  Does not cause nausea on the patient; Easier cut for individualization of trays in case of implants; High retentivity of impression materials; Allows greater leakage stability of the model; Best view for cut marking; Greater safety when removing the tray; Better identification of size for dentist and assistant; Doesn't deform during impression; Biosafety Guarantee; Can be used in all quadrants with a single model
  • Qualities:  Special configuration of the palatal area; Base with cuttings; Additional perforations in the vestibular area; Supports on the tray´s back; Translucent colors; Anatomical handle; Reference Number on the handle; Rigidity; Autoclavable; Universal partial model
  • Certifications: FDA Approved, CE Approved, MDSAP, MEDICAL ISO (13485:2016)
  • Country of Manufacture: Brazil
  • Package Includes: 8 trays - 3 upper (U1, U2, U3) and 3 lower (L1, L2, L3) 2 partial trays (ant and post)

Polymer Tray. No Nausea.

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