Wīt HP Maxx 35%
Wīt HP Maxx 35%

Wīt HP Maxx 35%

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  • Purpose: Whitening of vital and non-vital teeth using the office whitening technique.
  • Qualities:  Single application per session; Self-catalyzed system; Contains calcium; Pre-measured portions; Ease in mixing the phases; Reduced time use
  • Certifications: FDA Approved, CE Approved, MDR, MDSAP, MEDICAL ISO (13458:2016)
  • Country of Manufacture: Brazil
  • Package Includes: 1 set of syringes 1.2g, 1 syringe of Top dam with 1g, 1 syringe coupling devices, and Applicator tips

Wīt HP Maxx is a reliable 35% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening solution designed for professional in-office whitening. Suitable for dental professionals seeking a reliable peroxide teeth whitening solution, the proprietary FGM Dental Group formulation offers several benefits for both clinicians and patients.

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